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We are a UK based letting agent for static caravans and holiday homes throughout the country.


Managing your holiday let saving you time by advertising and promoting your accommodation in a variety of ways as well as getting it ready for the next guests.


If you are interested in finding out more information on what we can do for you please get in touch.

How I can help take your holiday let to the next level

My Story

My love of holidays inspired me to buy and let a static caravan. Finding the right place for me took time but I eventually settled on Flamingo land in North Yorkshire.

The first year we managed to cover our costs and even make money but it was hard work and took up all of my spare time. In the end I wasn’t getting to enjoy the holiday let I had purchased it was even interfering with my regular day job.

That’s when I found that it wasn’t just me that had bought into this dream and couldn’t enjoy it like they wanted to. With this I went on a mission to help others as well. This is how I started on this journey.

Client base

Most of my clients want to enjoy their holiday home but also want to be able to cover the cost of owning and maintaining it. Doing this is hard work and is a trade off between enjoyment or work. Finding out how much time it takes dealing with guests as well as making sure everything is perfect for them takes all the enjoyment out of your second home.

Some would like to make an investment out of it but the return on investment doesn’t match the time taken to achieve this return. They would rather someone else do the work for them and bring the money in.

Whatever you want out of your holiday let we can help get you there.

Ready to take the next step and work together?